Halloha All!

Hi Bloggers and Readers and Chickens and Ducklings!

Halloha is a mixture between Hello and Aloha, just so you know.

Anyway, I just read Keeper of the Lost Cities, and found this amazing picture.


I don’t think Keefe should be with Sophie. Even though he might be (don’t give me spoilers, I’m in the middle of “Everblaze”) I just really don’t like Keefe, he’s not really Sophie’s type.

Sorry, fangirl rage here. Mind if I keep going? Great!

And Dex is just weird. Like weird. Who names their kids Dex, Lex, Rex and Bex anyway? And don’t say Mr. Dizznee, because that’s not fair. Dex and Sophie should stay FRIENDS. But not too close.

However, Sophie and Fitz is a different issue. Did you read that adorable scene in the end of “Exile”? Too bad Alvar had to pop in. I hate him for that. But I kind of like Alvar too. Just not with Sophie…

Sophitz and Chrupiter for life!

(Chrupiter is Chris and Jupiter. Watch the Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island)


Fright of My Life

Hi bloggers!

No, I’m not dead (I know, suprising, right?) but I might have been! Our school just went through a lockdown. Teal, Anna and I were all under three desks, and let me tell you, sometimes I wish I were short! I’m all cramped now.

We were really scared. We were down there for like 7 minutes and then Mrs. Ramsay said we can come back out but nobody is allowed to leave the classroom. I hope Teal and I can still perform our songs in Performing Arts…

After we came out from under our desks everyone was hugging each other and whispering “Are you OK?” It was like a scene from a movie, or a story…a story. Hey! That just gave me an idea! I’m going to go write!


P. S. Comment if you were ever super scared before! This was one of my top three.

New Page

I have a new subpage, under “my stories”, or whatever that page is called. Anyway, it’s a poem I’m entering in the school library’s poem contest. I had to include the six senses: taste, smell, see, hear, touch (physically) and touch (emotionally).

Let me know what you think!

Eyeliner Mustaches, Another Story, and Where The Red Fern Grows

EYELINER MUSTACHES: Today was “Mustache Day” at our school. Every month we have one “spirit day” (on Character Day I was Ziggy Stardust, it looked great, but I can’t show you a picture…privacy, sorry)
And other things. I just didn’t have time to get a mustache so I drew one on my face with eyeliner.

ANOTHER STORY: I’m starting a new story called “You Have Failed”. I was inspired by Amira, who said to me while we were making pancakes, “You have failed at life, Käthe”. It gave me the idea go write a story about kids who live in a world where, come thirteen years old, you have to take a test. If you pass, you live. If you fail, you die. More on that story later.

WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS: In December, my “book club” read Where the Red Fern Grows. We still haven’t done our “movie night”. We’re finally doing it this weekend!

Okay, I have to go.


The Thirty Thousand Marker!

Last night I reached 30,000 words for my Camp NaNoWriMo story On The Loose (OTL for short, better title pending). It was torture. I had a horrible stomachache (did I eat too many cupcakes at Teal’s party? No, just one, but they were very sweet) and all I wanted to do was sleep. Yet The Amazing Käthe fought her way through and is now at 30,008 words! Woo-hoo!

I Really Need To Be Better With Posting…

Just read the title. I mean, who is a worse poster than me? Nobody.

I want to share with you all the beauty of life, but since I only have, like, 20 minutes, I seriously don’t have the time. Sorry, kids.

This morning I woke up and I thought it was Wednesday. I was really confused, because on Wednesdays I have band, Performing Arts and Library Time, so I was scrambling to get all my books when my mom told me it was Tuesday. WHAT! The funny thing is, my brother also thought it was Wednesday, so we were both kind of weirded out that it was actually Tuesday. At first I didn’t believe my mom, but then I went to the calendar and I saw that it was in fact Tuesday.

Has that ever happened to you? Did you ever think it was a different day, or a different time? On December 31, I always take a nap in the middle of the day, so I don’t crash during the New Years’ Party. Last year I woke up and I thought I had slept through New Year. I was panicking so hard but then my dad came down from the attic with all of our New Years’ decorations, and began setting them up, so I was silently assured that it was not New Years Day.

One weird time story after another, and speaking of stories, I need to go work on my story for Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal is 30,000 words and I’m only at…*checks story word count*…28,486 words. So I had better go work on it. If you want to read it, and get a sneak peek before it’s published (in my dreams🙃) then go to my page called OTL, or On The Loose, I really don’t remember what I called it. Better title pending.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


I’ve Been Gone, I Know

There’s so much about my weekend that I can’t even write it all! I’ll write about the cast party, though.

They got Rubio’s buffet style, so I had a taco and some quesadillas (pronounce: kwess-aw-dill-aws, my friend Kiley and I started calling them that) and then dessert. It was delicious.

We watched an interview video where, among other things:
• Parker tapped his face with a fork whenever he had to think.
• Piper T. messed up. A lot.
• Taylor kept interviewing people.
• Joshua and Gabriella kept making fun of each other (EXAMPLE:
LOUIE, THE FILMER: So, Gabriella, what was your favorite part of the show?
JOSHUA: Dancing with me was her favorite part.)
• Dashiell was really unsure of what to say (EXAMPLE:
LOUIE: If you had lots of money, what would you do?
(Almost everyone’s response was “buy food”, but here’s Dashiell’s)
DASHIELL: Oh, I really don’t know…
LOUIE: You’d buy presents for your mom and your dad and your sister, right?
DASHIELL (loaded with sarcasm): Oh, yeah, sure, I guess…
• What with all the foundation on my face, I looked like I was in a fire.

We then did “awards”. Everyone got their own special award. Here are some of the funniest and their backstories:
• Anna L., “animal mistreatment award” (she carries a stuffed dog. Matthew is behind her with a bunch of boxes. She turns around and places the dog on the boxes. It’s a real dog, though, and Anna didn’t know that, so the first time they rehearsed the scene, she just threw the dog at Matthew.)
• Käthe A. and Mallory O., “band members who can actually play “Follow the Fold”. Everyone else was just faking it, but we actually played.
• Rami I., “variant facial expressions award”. Enough said.
• Nick S., “universal understudy award”. Whenever we had a cast member missing, Nick knew their lines, even if it was a girl!
• Sadie H., “youngest ‘doll’ to catch a ‘guy’ award”. In the ‘Guys and Dolls’ trio, Sadie and a girl named Lucy come out and hand books to two boys. Ooooo-oooooh! Sadie is 9 years old, the youngest girl in the play to “get” a guy.
• Luke D. got “youngest bartender”. In the Havana scene, he was the bartender, except he is only in 7th grade. Everyone was saying stuff like “Persons above 21 only! Except the bartender, he’s 12.” It was funny.
There are so many more I want to share with you, but I don’t have a lot of time.

We watched the movie, again, I looked horrible. It was great to watch, though, and I was in the credits! Piper T. was sitting on my foot almost the whole time, but I was too shy to say anything. I didn’t mind that much, though.

Well, I have to practice Marry the Man Today (which Teal and I are doing for Performing Arts) and Adelaide’s Lament (which I am doing as a solo).


My Break (Sorry I’ve Been Gone)

Hi Readers,

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, I was on spring break. Here’s a report of what I did. Sorry, the short parts are the parts I didn’t like and the long parts are the ones I did.

DAY ONE (Driving and Sacramento): We had bagels, drove the length of the Central Valley till Sacramento, got ice cream at this cool ice cream store called Vic’s, then went to our hotel. We had a SUITE!!!! My window looked down on the pool from the 10th story.

We went to the Capitol. I wanted to bring my baseball mitt, but my dad said we would play catch when we went to Sutter’s Fort the next day. Nothing was really new, since I went there in fourth grade, but this time I understood things a little better. My brothers got yelled at for climbing on a railing.

After the Capitol we went to this pizza place called Pete’s. OH MY GOD the pizza was delicious. Our waiter had really cool hair. We were sitting outside when a bunch of people rode by. There was this giant bar, on wheels, and the people were pedaling while being drunk, aka screaming their heads off like they were in a parade.

We returned to the suite as soon as the pizza was finished off, and only to find that my youngest brother had forgotten his swim trunks. So my other brother and I went to the pool with my dad. My dad didn’t get in the pool, though, because he was tired. And my brother chickened out of the pool and got in the hot tub. I stayed in the pool.

DAY TWO (Sacramento, Driving, Medford): On this day we went all the way to Oregon! We went to The Weatherstone Cafe for breakfast, and then to Sutter’s Fort, where we played catch, soccer, and went inside and took pictures. I didn’t really listen because I had been there before. I wanted to buy a souvenir in the gift shop, but my mom wouldn’t let me, which I was bummed about. We took one last picture and then my mom said it was time to go. We hopped in the car and drove up to Oregon. In one sitting! Once we were there, we decided to get something to eat. My mom wanted to go to Sheri’s or Abby’s, but then she figured out they were chains. We wanted to go to Panda Express (a chain, Mother dearest!), but then my dad figured out that there was an In-N-Out in the vicinity. Panda vs. In-N-Out? Definitely the latter. After that we went to the pool, where it was again just my brother and I. And my dad. This time he got in the pool. We had a great time, until my brother threw a tantrum and we all had to go back to the room. I had to sleep on the floor, with just one thin blanket, and it was FREEZING!!!!!!

DAY THREE (Medford, Driving, Redwoods): We got up and went to breakfast. It was Holiday Inn, so the food was terrible. I had a pancake and some bacon. We then drive down to Redwood National Park (Jedediah Smith) and set up our stuff. We forgot the marshmallows so we went to bed early, but in the time we were sitting near the fire my mom put her UGG-clad foot on the fire pit and the bottom of the shoe melted! I also bought some postcards in Crescent City.

DAY FOUR (Redwoods): We hiked in the redwoods. This included Stout Grove, wading through a river, hiking up lots of hills, almost fainting, and stepping in puddles. I’m sorry all this redwood stuff isn’t very descriptive, but I like writing about the fun parts, so I write more about the fun parts and less about the boring ones. When we got back we realized we hadn’t gone to Crescent City for marshmallows AGAIN, so we did the same routine as last night.

DAY FIVE (Redwoods): We hiked longer today, but I didn’t get as tired. My brothers threw a giant tantrum because we had oatmeal for breakfast, but then they liked it. In the evening we played catch, roasted marshmallows which we finally remembered, and my brothers sharpened sticks with my dad’s axe. Here’s some advice: never trust a 4th and 2nd grader with an axe. My 4th grade brother Paul was throwing a rock and catching it. Once, it hit him on the head. My dad said, “Paul is the only kid in the world who gives himself a concussion.”

DAY SIX (Redwoods, Driving, Fort Ross, Glen Ellen): We packed up and left the redwoods. I was happy, because I was getting tired of camping. We took a picture with a life sized statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, then fought our way down to Glen Ellen, where we stayed at the Jack London Lodge. On the way there, we stopped at Fort Ross. There were people practicing a reenactment inside so we couldn’t go in. Jack London lived near Glen Ellen, FYI. Before Glen Ellen we ate at the Pullman Kitchen, a delicious restaurant in Santa Rosa. When we got to the Jack London Lodge, we got stuck under this bridge type thing. We had to take our giant box thing off the roof of our car.

Our hotel room was beautiful. It was SO old fashioned, and if you ever go near there stay at the Jack London Lodge.

DAY SEVEN (Glen Ellen, Driving, Berkeley): We had breakfast at this cute cafe but I forgot what it was called. We had a conversation with the owner (she was really nice) and I had a super yummy Belgian Waffle.

We went to Jack London National Park. We saw the ruins of the Wolf House, essentially Jack London’s dream house. We saw the House of Happy Walls, the mini version of the Wolf House that Jack’s wife Charmian built after Jack died. And we saw Jack London’s grave, but it was just a rock. NOT all that exciting.

We made another stop in Sonoma. I was half asleep and didn’t see a lot except one thing. We went to a cafe for lunch and it was called the Sunflower Cafe. I went to was my hands and there was a BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S poster except it said “Breakfast at Sunflower Cafe”. I loved it. After that we got in the car and drove all the way down to Berkeley. We saw UC Berkeley and went to a bookstore, where there was this crazy guy screaming curse. Ummm?… Then we went to see our friends.

Yann, the dad, wasn’t home, and Amy, their mom, broke her leg or pulled a muscle or something while skiing and so was on crutches and couldn’t go anywhere. We stayed home the first day. I was the only girl. My brothers and the two boys, Thibaud (11) and Andre (10) (Tee-bo and Awn-dray) went to play basketball with their friends Cole and George, and we also found a G. I. Joe action doll from the 19somethings. Until it started raining. Then we went home. But first we saw the neighborhood. There was a mini version of the White House,a crazy guy on a motorcycle (yes, I said crazy guy on a motorcycle) and an author.

Dinner was delicious, and after dinner we made a movie (or at least the beginning of one) which I will hopefully post soon. Yes, it’s horribly made, but we’re kids, okay? Basically, Thibaud played this idiot guy who gets kidnapped and sings live songs to his crush, Bridget, in a jail cell. Okay, it’s not as bad as that. But pretty close. My brother played Bridget. He was wearing a wig that looked surprisingly natural (I’m not kidding you) and a dress. L. O. L!!!!!!!!!! But at one point we had to go to bed, so we did, but we stayed up really late because the beginning of our movie was kind of freaking us out, so we played Truth or Dare till after midnight. Not that late, actually. But pretty late, still.

(Sorry I’m saying “at one point”, “delicious”, and “all the way” so much).
DAY EIGHT (Berkeley): We finished the movie. Then we went to the park. I had to do the credits for the movie so I went a bit afterward. On the way down, I had a staring contest with two deer. We played kickball, and went home because it was raining AGAIN. Before the park we went to see a movie called April and the Twisted World. It was all in French (Thibaud and Andre speak French, they’re so lucky), but it had English subtitles. I didn’t like it much, I would rate it 6 stars out of 10. We all wore weird costumes. I wore a cheerleader outfit. People were looking at us weird.

After the movie, my dad decided he just HAD to buy some Schlitz beer in bottles, because they only sell it in cans down here and even that is rare. 48 BOTTLES!!!!!!!!! That’s how much he bought.

When we got home we watched World’s Scariest Roller Coasters on their laptop. One of them was in Germany and the guy filming it was screaming. Andre said, “now I’m imagining Hitler on a roller coaster” and we all cracked up. We went to bed really late, again.

DAY NINE (Berkeley, Driving, Home): We had delicious challah for breakfast, then we brushed our teeth, and left. It was really quite quick. Now we won’t see them until next year BUT FOR THE FACT THAT I will tell you at the end of the post. We drove from Berkeley to Encinitas all in one sitting!

I’m looking forward to my Guys & Dolls Cast Party on Saturday! An update will be posted Sunday at the latest, and hopefully with pictures.

Here’s why I might go to Berkeley very soon: Thibaud and Andre are in a play. I might get to be an extra, or at the very least work backstage. But the best part? I get to fly up there by myself! I don’t know if I’ll miss the Friday a week before the last day of school or not, but it will be fun.

If you read all of that, I owe you one. So I’ll make you a deal. Comment, leave a message, your name, and your URL, and I’ll visit your blog.


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It’s Over, It’s Done…

I had my last show last night. Here are a few things that happened.

Anya, Madison and I were doing a part from the opening scene where Chloe walks across the stage and Joshua comes behind her with a bunch of big boxes.

ANYA: OK Madison, you be Pamela, you get to tell us where to go. I’ll be Chloe. And Käthe, you can be Joshua, because you totally look like Joshua.

That was sarcastic. Oh, and Pamela is the director.

Later, after that show, I was carrying my box containing all my costumes, my clarinet case piled on top of that, and flowers and candy grams on top of the clarinet. Thing is, in the opening scene Joshua carries a bunch of boxes too! So I was like, “Hey Anya if you want to do the opening scene now would be a good time.” But she didn’t. Typical.

Siena, who plays General Cartwright, and Piper Tompkins, who plays Miss Adelaide, are leaving for college next year! 😢 I got them both candy grams, and for Siena I wrote “you probably don’t even know who I am, but in case you think you’re getting candy from a total stranger, I’m the girl in Mission Band with the clarinet.” Then after the last show Siena comes up to me, gives me a hug and says “I know who you are, you’re not a complete stranger!” Nice to meet you too.

Piper Tompkins didn’t come to me, but she got me a candy gram. THE ACTRESS OF MISS ADELAIDE GOT ME A CANDY GRAM!!!! Wow.

I got Parker the Pentagon’s autograph for my little brother (we’ve upgraded Parker to circle though). He got mad at me because I messed up in curtain call. Sorry, Parker! I won’t do it again!

At the Saturday show, we had 45 minutes to go get dinner. 45 MINUTES!!!! Mallory, my mom, and I went to Panera, except we couldn’t find it anywhere. Right when my mom was about to walk up to some guy and ask him, I turned around and there was Panera! I’m glad my mom didn’t ask, that would have been awkward. WHen we were at Panera, I was sitting with Sadie, Mallory, Margot and Sage when I realized my mother had ordered an apple with my Mac and Cheese. I can’t eat apples because I have braces, only apple slices. I wanted to cut the apple but all we had was a butter knife. I asked if anyone could cut an apple with a butter knife. Margot said she could. It was so funny. She first attacked the apple, which was slightly underripe, with the knife. Then, when it was cut into somewhat edible pieces, she gave it back. HILARIOUS!!! Also they dared me to eat salt and pepper at the same time. Nasty! My advice to you, readers, is never to do that.

Before all the shows, Isabel and I do the opening scene backstage, because we’re not in it while it goes on onstage. We also dance “The Oldest Established” backstage. But my Mission Band skirt is so tight that when all the boys do this kick thing, I totally fell over.

After the last show we had a cast dinner at Souplantation. Unfortunately me, Sadie, Ava, Madison, Anya and Isabel went to the wrong one 😪. We kept looking for people but they never showed up. Isabel thought one old guy was Dashiell, who plays Sky Masterson, but he wasn’t, luckily.

The entire cast has families. Of course, outside the play, but everyone in the cast has been sorted into a family. Siena is first. She has sons and daughters, who in turn have children. My mother is Siena but I doubt she knows it. I have lots of sisters, brothers and nieces, but no nephews or children of my own.

Jenna, who plays Sarah, got really mad at Dashiell, so she decided that in the play, where her characters slaps Dashiell’s character, where she is supposed to fake-slap him, she would actually slap him. She had mercy on him during the show, however, but after the show she really did slap him. I walked by him 7 minutes later and he had five pale white swollen marks on his neck in a patch of red. Ouch!

I forgot to tell you guys about the TOTES HILARE dress rehearsal we had not last week but the one before. The boys were doing “Crapshooters Dance”, and this includes jumping, in their very slippery-soled shoes. So one guy (no names because this is embarrassing, but yes, I do know who) jumped, and when he landed his legs flew out from under him and he landed on his back. Everyone was laughing (even him, don’t worry.)

Our next play is going to be The Music Man. I’m not all that sad to miss it, but I would have done it if I were in town this summer.

The cast party will be the last time I’m seeing these people till next January! I’m never seeing Siena, the girl who apparently knows me, again! *sobbing*

I have to go get a tissue. Bye.

3/7 Of My Way Through My Shows 😭

My shows have just been so fun and I’m sad that they’re almost halfway over.

Here’s an account of funny stuff:

SHOW NUMBER ONE: Parker, who’s playing Rusty Charlie, was looking for a guy named James so Parker could get his microphone on. James is in charge of that stuff. Parker was calling James except he sounded like a dying whale…lol!

SHOW NUMBER TWO: I’m an angel in one of the scenes, and at the end of the number my halo slipped over my eyes. OH NO!!!!!!!! I desperately tried to get it back up without being too noticeable.

For Curtain Call, my entire group was lined up when Piper, who’s playing Miss Adelaide, had to get through. So I stepped back to let her and her voluminous wedding dress pass. By that time my group was already onstage. I ran out after them and tried to make it look like it was on purpose.

SHOW NUMBER THREE: During the “Guys and Dolls” trio, with Rami, Dante and Parker, Joshua and Gabriella come out and do this awesome tango. I was backstage (more like in the parking lot, we have literally no backstage so the principal actors get the backstage and the rest of us have to change in a U-Haul) and Anya and I started doing Joshua and Gabriella’s dance. It was really funny, though, because I’m really tall for my age, and I’m a 6th grader. Anya is short for her 4th grade age. Unfortunately the dance was a tango so the guy has to lift the girl up and spin her around, and unfortunately neither of us was a guy so I had to be the guy. It was still fun though!

Well, I have 4 more to go, so I’ll tell you about them when they’ve happened.